‘s Rocking Places


Athens / Greece / September 28, 2013

Serenity Broken played two consecutive shows at Athens night club AN, this is their second performance.

Rock Am Ring 2004

Nürnberg / Germany / June 6, 2004

One of the best early performances by Linkin Park. Amazing energy and feeling. Truly one of our favorites.

Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles / United States of America / July 5, 1968

An amazing performance by the Doors. It was recorded on July 5, 1968 but it was officially released much latter. 1987 to be exact.

Live In Moscow

Moscow / Russia / September 28, 1991

One of the largest open air performances ever. They played along AC/DC Black Crowes. One of the first huge concerts in Russia.

Live Changes

Wilkes Barre / United States of America / April 9, 2004

Live performance taken from the Changes tour. Simply amazing!

Rockstar Taste Of Chaos

Long Beach / United States of America / April 10, 2008

Live performance of their headlining tour Rock star Taste of Chaos. Still with their original drummer. Rock on forever!


Athens / Greece / January 17, 2016

The first live performance of their song Boom! performed for Metal Hammer at Artwork studios Athens.

Live In San Diego

San Diego / United States of America / January 13, 1992

Part of their world tour and official released. Metallica – Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego 1992)

18 And Life

London / United Kingdom / August 31, 1991

Skid Row played a kick ass set alongside Guns n Roses and NIN. This is one of the best performances of 18 and life, capturing the feel of the heavy 90’s
Wembley Stadium got its ass rocked!

Live Rock Am Ring

Nürnberg / Germany / June 7, 2009

A great comeback for Limp Bizkit, check out the crowd and the camera shake on My Generation. Feel the BASS.

Live At The Ritz

New York / United States of America / February 2, 1988

The most raw, Guns show, all appetite and pure destruction. They played a sold out show at Webster Hall which propelled them into stars

Rock Am Ring 95

Nürnberg / Germany / June 4, 1995

A great performance by the whole band, plus Jon sounds great. One of the best transitions between Livin on a prayer and you give love a bad name. Epic…


London / United Kingdom / June 24, 1995

One of the best performances of always. Truly heart moving! Audio is also very high quality. The song is part from 3 consecutive dates in Wembley stadium. Taken from day 2

Live Woodstock 99

New York / United States of America / July 24, 1999

Just before Metallica, Rage went on stage and ripped it apart. They don’t make them like the used to.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Wallkill / United States of America / August 17, 1969

There are just some times in history where there are no words just music…

Stairway To Heaven

New York / United States of America / July 28, 1973

One of the greatest songs in rock history.

Live at Hellfest 2014

Clisson / France / June 22, 2014

Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse

Oslo / Norway / May 28, 2011

Their legendary concert in Oslo, showing DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir.

Back In Black

Donington / United Kingdom / August 17, 1991

AC DC recorded their show at Donington one of the most iconic Rock spots in the world. The show is part of their 3rd Monsters of Rock Tour. It was then released on DVD. This is one of the best versions of Back In Black just the sound of the guitar can shake the world.

Live at Reading 1992

Reading / United Kingdom / August 30, 1992

In one of the longest running festivals Nirvana relatively new headlined the 3rd day and rocked in front of 87000 fans. 20 years later Dave Grohl returned with the Foo Fighters

The Wings Of A Butterfly

Los Angeles / United States of America / October 14, 2007

Recorded for their live double album released in 2007. Live at the Orpheum Theatre USA

Woodstock 94

Saugerties / United States of America / August 13, 1994

A full set by one of the greatest and hardworking bands. Woodstock 94 was the 25th anniversary of the famous festival.

MTV Unplugged

New York / United States of America / March 16, 1992

Pearl Jams unplugged set was not released until 2009 as a DVD for their reissue of their debut album Ten. The set was filmed at Kaufman Astoria Studios NY. Took a long time but its worth it.

MTV Unplugged 1996

New York / United States of America / April 10, 1996

One of the best MTV unplugged sessions. Alice in Chains showed amazing depth and feeling with their set. Truly will go down in history. We miss you Layne.
Scott Olson – Acoustic rhythm and solo guitar; acoustic bass on “Killer Is Me”

Live Reading Festival 2016

Reading / United Kingdom / August 27, 2016

There are little words to describe Parkway Drive’s live performances. Amazing!

Live At Download Festival 2009

Donington / United Kingdom / June 13, 2009

New masks new music same crazy performance. This was the first time where Slipknot headlined download.

Live From Amsterdam

Amsterdam / Netherlands / December 8, 2008

This performance was the first concert film Alter Bridge released on DVD, great energy great songs!
Live from Amsterdam was directed and produced by Daniel Catullo from DC3 Music Group and Coming Home Productions, who has also worked with artists such as Nickelback, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Chickenfoot, Dave Matthews Band, and The Smashing Pumpkins

Pride (The Name of Love)

Denver / United States of America / November 8, 1987

Part of the U2 Joshua Tree Tour this is one of the best performances of Pride. U2 played 2 dates in McNichols Sports Arena in Denver Colorado. The arena was closed in 1999 and demolished in January 24, 2000.

Quick Facts:
Soundchecked: With Or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

‘Helter Skelter’, ‘Silver And Gold’, ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ were recorded for the ‘Rattle And Hum’ album and movie. ‘Exit’, ‘In God’s Country’, and ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ also recorded this night and are in the movie.

New Divide

Los Angeles / United States of America / June 22, 2009

Linkin Park played live at the Transformers 2 premiere in LA outside the Fox Village Theater. New divide was written for the film, and this is one of the best live performances.
The setlist they played that night is:

01. What I’ve Done
02. Faint
03. Numb
04. In The End
05. Bleed It Out
06. New Divide

Community Property

Donington / United Kingdom / June 11, 2017

Returning for the fifth time Steel Panther rocked some socks off.